Wednesday, July 05, 2006

backup copies of dvd movies

I have several dvd movies that are copy protected but that I want to have backup copies of (which I believe is legal). I am running dapper dan kubuntu.
I went to google and searched for dvd movies backup linux and got several good articles on how to do this. I set apt source to include universal/multiverse and I downloaded all the dvd player applications and dvd copy applications and libraries.

Using vobcopy, dvdbacup, k9copy, gnomebaker, kb3, mkisofs -dvd-video (which uses growisofs from dvd_rw-tools library) I was able to make backup copies that worked (after a bit of trial and error).

I am sympethetic to the digital rights issues of dvd makers but I think I should be able to play my dvd's on any device and that I should be able to make backup copies since I read that the life span of a dvd can be as small as 2 years. To my mind, the issue is the same as making backup copies of anything else that is important and /or costs a lot to replace. It is depressing how much effort is involved, because of fears of unlawfull copying.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

kubuntu customization

Over the past few weeks I have been modifying my kubuntu system to fit my wants and needs.
I decided that I wanted to play video clips and found that several of the proprietary formats such as wmv and mov did not work in the linux players. I installed sever players and finally installed the w32codec (from an italian web site) and it worked fine. I also installed the libdvdread3 library so I could play commercial dvds. Drm is a pain.

I also got gpg working; foudn a few open usenet servers and installed the ubuntu, ebuntu, and xbuntu desktops - really neat stuff. I also pulled out ipv6 support and stuff like firefox works a lot better.