Saturday, June 10, 2006


I have installed kubuntu on my toshiba 105-s1013 laptop and it is great.
The user interface is first rate and everything works - even the Atheros wifi card (did not have to use ndiswrapper). I was using easy mepis which worked really well, but kubuntu works even better. I can not find anything negative to say; it is a pleasure to use.

The reason I have gone to kubuntu instead of ubuntu is because I much prefer KDE over GNOME as my desktop. I tried both (fromlive cd) and they both worked equally well so I elected to use the one with KDE.

The interface, package installer, reliability, and speed are the way they shuld be. My laptop boots in under 45 seconds and shuts down much faster. The applecations provided are first rate and the package manager & repositories make it a snap to add other packages.