Saturday, December 23, 2006

ubuntu gnome problems

This past week I have had some long delays when I log into my desktop. A bit of research showed that it was related to dbus. There were some fixes suggested in the forums, but I decided to reinstall my system because I wanted to change my partition sizes and I had too much junk on my system and wanted to get rid of some of it.

After I reconfigured and reinstalled my system every thing worked well until I added some software; then I again experienced slow down problems due to dbus. I switched to kde desktop and kgm login and every thing works well.

I actually prefer kde, but have been trying gnome because big outfits like IBM and Novell support it. I found a lot of nice features in gnome, but kde is a lot more stable. I like korganizer and thunderbird, but I could live with evolution. Overall though, I find kde is almost problem free.