Friday, April 06, 2007


The upgrade for DemocracyTV (version series .8 to version series .9) comes from the backport repository of Ubuntu edgy eft. When I installed this, DemocracyTV stopped working so I reinstalled the old version. I found, on the DemocracyTV home page instructions for installing the latest version of DemocracyTV [ ]. I followed these instructions and everything worked fine. The new version of democracyTV looks to have some nice features.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

web page to pdf with Linux

I often save web pages for later detail reading. This results in a lot of directories since the web page images are put into a separate direcotry.

I have found that if I print to a file I get a post script version (i.e. of the web page. I then use the ps2pdf13 utility and create a pdf file. Works like a charm.

I also found that I can combine several separately printed (to a file) pages into one pdf by first combining the files:

cat name >

This results in final_name.pdf which contains name1 and name2 (can have more than two files).

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

dsl on toshiba a105-s1013 laptop

I tried running the latest version od dsl (v3.3) on my laptop but it got hung up on the hardware during the boot. When I tried dsl-n (v0.3 rc4) it booted fine. I need to run ndiswrapper to get the wifi card working - Ubuntu has build in driver modules for my driver so I have become a bit 'spoiled'.