Wednesday, February 16, 2005

installing knoppix

I have an old 128 meg memory - 6 gig hd pc on which I had win 98. I decided to make this pc a bit more usefull to me by putting Linux on it. I tried several distributions but they ran a bit slow. I had used knoppex 3.7 on it and knoppix ran fairly well so I decided to install it on this pc. I used the knoppix-install script that comes with knoppix and it worked very well. After I installed it, I used ip forwarding to connect this pc to the internet through my Fedora system. Once connected I used apt-get to install synaptic and then installed some software that I like having on my system. It all worked very smoothly.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

berry linux

I had ordered berry linux (live cd) from an outfit in France and they sent me a version that booted with a far east language as the default. I was able to get it to come up in English by passing the parameter lang=us at the LILO prompt. I may be a bit more techy than I imagine myself to be.