Saturday, June 23, 2007

dvd moview with Linux

I have the movie elephants dream in avi format and therefore I can play it on the computer but not on the television. I decided to convert it to dvd movie format.

I first tried dvdauthor (qdvdauthor gui front end) but I got a message about a missing menu file which I think was caused by my not having made up any menu item. I then tried DeVeDe which worked fine and produced an iso image. I mounted this image (loop device) and played it fine.

I then tried to burn a dvd using kb3 but I had a problem. Kb3 said that it could not burn the dvd - I have had problems with kb3 making dvd movies before. Also I use an external dvd device and this also seems to cause kb3 problems. I installed gnomebaker and it burned the iso image to the dvd without any problem, although it took a while. I tried the resultant dvd on my t.v. and it worked fine.


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