Tuesday, June 05, 2007

pclinuxos2007 (PCLOS)

I have been using PCLOS for about a week now and I am getting to like it a lot.

For most purposes, it seems that PCLOS and Ubuntu come out about even. I have found that for most things they both work equally well. Ubuntu has a larger selection of packages, but PCLOS has a very adequate selection.

PCLOS has a better set of configuration tools; seems to load and shut down a bit faster, but Ubuntu has a bigger user community and thus better documentation and support for problems (which seem to be rare for both distros).

One thing that I have found works MUCH better in PCLOS is the qemu emulation. PCLOS has incorporated the acceleration modules (i.e. kqemu) and has two very good graphical front ends. I downloaded Damn Small Linux and tried it out and it worked very well (even the network). The speed was very good (it was actually usable with very little pause). This is much better than what I found in Ubuntu.


Blogger manmath sahu said...

I also love PCLinuxOS 2007, that's why dedicated a blog http://pclinuxos2007.blogspot.com for it. Liked you experience with PCLOS. Do you have any idea of when its gnome version will be released.

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