Saturday, November 26, 2005

puppy linux 1.06

I just upgraded to puppy linux 1.06 and it works well. Puppy linux just gets better with each release. It runs really well as a live cd, but it truly shines when installed onto a hard disk. It is small and fast and can bring new life to an older machine. It is a very good desktop environment; having all the needed applications. It's package managemnet software (dotpup and dotget) makes finding and installing software very easy. It has good support for win modems (via dotpup and /or dotget packages).

Puppy Linux is a great way to get someone started using linux as a desktop system. It has a look and feel similar to WIndows; the applications (i.e. word processing, etc.) can work with microsoft format documents; nice games are available, and it is very gui oriented.