Friday, July 20, 2007

make a movie in Linux

I have been trying to convert a wmv movie for dvd using ffmpeg and dvdstyler but the screen size was coming out all wrong. I found a front end to ffmpeg called winff that set up ffmpeg so that it produced a mpg file with the correct attributes. I then used dvdstyler to create the menu and the final iso file. It all worked correctly.

finding large files in Linux

I wanted to clean out some old large files on my hard drive. What I needed to help me do this was a listing of files by size. My plan was to find the large files and delete the ones I no longer needed.I used find, sort and less to do this. The code was:
$ find . -printf '%s %h%f' | sort -nr | less

the options in find for print f that I used were %s (size in bytes), %h (directory) and %f (file name)
the options in sort I used were -n (numeric osrt) and r (reverse [high to low].

Once the list was run in a terminal window I opened a second window and removed the files I no longer needed.