Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ubuntu - edgy install

I recently installed the new version of ubuntu (6.10 edgy). I had been using the dapper drake release and I had set up a separate partition for my home directory. The only 'glich' was that I needed to delete and recreate my root (/) directory. I had gotten a message about not being able to find a root file system and a quick search of the ubuntu forum gave me the proper work around. If I had used the alternate text install I would not have had the problem.

Having a separate home directory work really well and saved me a lot of time and trouble. All my files, calender entries (korganizer), and personal programs were still there. My desktop (gnome) was nearly perfect (only had to set the background up).

I did have to set up my network again. Ubuntu detected my wifi card but I needed to set up my wep key and essid. I also needed to setup my samba client / server. I also had to turn off ipv6.

Overall, edgy is way better than dapper and I am very glad I made the move. It took me about 3 hours because of the glich and network setup and the ipv6 problem.