Saturday, June 02, 2007


It has now been several days since I started using PCLOS (pclinuxos2007) and I ma growing used to it. so far everything that worked in ubuntu works in PCLOS and overall it seems to me that either OS is a good choice. I am finding that PCLOS is a bit faster on startup, a lot faster on shutdown and a bit easier to work with.


Anonymous Dr. Juan (Andalucia) said...

Can't agree more! Having tried to work with Vista for 6 months now I gave up and radically changed for PCLOS2007, having decided Ubuntu less sophisticated. Out of the box PCLOS took over - zero problems...
As a journalist/sc.writer I can't be endlessly harrassed by unknown "updates", warnings, BSODs and network problems. In PCLOS I could immediately communicate with our other office on their XP systems...

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