Wednesday, June 06, 2007

switching to PCLINUX from UBUNTU week 1

Last week I accidentally destroyed my laptop's (Toshiba a105-s1013) hard drive partition table. Since I need to reeformat my hard drive, I decided to install PCLINUXOS2007. I had read several reviews and had tried the live cd and I wanted to give it a try. I figured that if I didn't like it after a day or so I could reinstall Ubuntu. I had been using Ubuntu edgy eft with xfce and I could not upgrade to feisty fawn because the sound didn't work for me when I tried it via the live cd.

The Install of PCLINUXOS2007 (PCLOS) was easy and worked well. My wifi card was recognized (same in Ubuntu) and the network setup went without any problems. Once I had installed PCLOS, I configured my system to the way I like it. Since PCLOS uses synaptic, selecting and installing programs is much the same as in Ubuntu. My favorite applications (Open Office, Fire Fox and Thunder bird) were already installed and my other preferred applications were in the repository. I did have trouble with DemocracyTV and installed Jpodder, but I should note that DemocracyTV didn't work well in Ubuntu either.

Overall, Installing and setting up PCLOS as a desktop machine was easy. I found that PCLOS had a better set of configuration menu's than Ubuntu. Ubuntu's configuration features had worked fine for me, but PCLOS's were easier to use.

My impression is that PCLOS is a bit more stable than Ubuntu. Also, I feel that PCLOS starts up and shuts down a bit faster than Ubuntu. I also found that qemu (virtual machine) works better in PCLOS than Ubuntu.

In my first week of using PCLOS , I have had no problems. PCLOS has a much smaller repository than Ubuntu, but has all the programs I have needed or wanted. I think that Ubuntu's documentation is a lot better than PCLOS. The Ubuntu user community is much larger than PCLOS's and Iget suspect it is easier to get help when need. On the other hand, so far at least, every thing works fine in PCLOS. I have had minor problems with applications in Ubuntu, but they have been quickly resolved by the user community.

The bottom line is that After my first week of using PCLINXOS, I have decided to stay with it instead of going back to Ubuntu. Everything works well, and the Ubuntu world is getting a bit to big and busy for me.


Anonymous JpJ said...

Nice little review, thanks! :)
Please review and re-write the end of your entry: "Ubuntu's documentatiois easier to it n is a lot better [...] Iget suspect it is easier to get help when need".
Huh? :)

12:33 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Thanks for the positive review. You will find more than a few '*buntu refugees' in the PCLINUXOS forums using this distro.
I am one of them. The community support is very good for me since I have been there since March of this year.


1:21 PM  
Anonymous Wayne said...

There are a few things that really made sense when I tried PCLOS, if I could have found an easy way to migrate my other users mail accounts we would be using it now. Thanks for the review, I have been wondering how the two compared and have not had time to try them both out.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Richard said...

Thanks for your helpful comments.

I'm about to buy a new PC, and I'm tired of paying Microsoft for software that I've already paid for (several times over).

Q on the PC's performance: If using PCLINOS (or Ubuntu) what's the PC's performance rating, compared to using Windows Vista.

Appreciate any helpful suggestions.


8:51 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

PCLinuxOS will run a LOT better on the same hardware than Vista will. I'm using hardware that Vista rated as a 2.0 with PCLinuxOS and am using the 3d desktop and all the eye candy possible with no problems!

10:39 PM  

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