Monday, October 31, 2005

Home Network

Over the past few days I have done some maintenace and reconfiguring of my home network. On the Window side I have set things up so that my wife, from her laptop, can access the desktop printer and her desktop based data that reside. THe lap top is wireless and I am using a dlink wireless router and it all was easy to setup and works fine. Windows xp' my network places really works well - Microsoft has made this very easy to use.

I have several Linux boxes that I lilke to work on and decided it would be nice to access these environments from the laptop. I installed VNC viewer on the laptop and fired up vncserver on my Fedora and Puppy Linux machines. I now get the KDE (Fedora) and the Puppy Linux desktops on the laptop when I connect to the appropriate machine. The wireless lan uses 11g protocol at 54 mbs and this is fast enough that there is no annoying delay.

Thursday, October 27, 2005 2.0

I have installed and tried OOo 2.0 on both Windows XP and Linux (Fedora C4) and it works really well on both platforms.

There has been a real improvement in the install processes on Linux. The instructions that come with the CD are clear and the install process, using RPM files, works without any confussion or problems. THe menu icons even appreared in the KDE menu after I ran it the first time from the cli.

On windows, the install went smoothly, like it has the past few times. I tried the database segment and it worked without problems. Anyone who has used ACCESS will be right at home with OOo's Base.

Friday, October 07, 2005

puppy linux winmodem support

I just tried the hsf/hcf modem modules for puppy linux 1.05 and they work great. They installed without a problem and deliver top speed. they are pupget modules.

Monday, October 03, 2005

puppy linux 1.05

I just tried the puppy linux 1.05 livecd and it is very good. There are many improvements over version 1.04 and it worth a try. Puppy Linux is becomming a very useable desktop. It is fast, saves data to usb flash drives, can be installed on hard disks or flash drives and is very fast. It has a lot of neat tools and a few good games as well.